bicupid review

Bicupid Review

As the world first and largest bisexual dating website,bicupid has its unique character after all. It’s a character of bisexual dating service. It cater thousands of bisexual people visit here and join this wonderful platform for register. Due to mainstream dating site for gay or lesbian are too flaring for bisexual people and straight people don’t necessarily recognize bisexual personality, Bicupid create a new way of bisexual dating, it specialize on bisexuals, and there is a sense of bisexual community. They are caring, empathy, and really know your personality.

BiCupid is free and easy to register, choose your gender and age, and what sort of people you gonna find, there is no need to fill the blank, just choose, and then beautify your profile by using several tag, that make you easy to success in bisexual chat. Quizzes-free and verification-free avoids those annoying procedure blanks(memberships will need to verify their profiles in order to earn your credibility after all, and there is a rate star on your photo). Be sure to complete your profile, imagine that you chat with someone have no photo no age, it wound be unfavorable, right? In a word, this platform make it easy to get communicate between bisexual people, it’s bisexual friendly trend. By the way, on top of bisexual singles and bi-curious, bisexual couples are welcome as well.

This platform are like-minded bisexuals and it create a sense of bisexual community, its traditional layout and service caters bisexual group from age 25 to 58 bisexual men and women, Logo is simple, everything was clear, you no need to travel like other dating site which is as a exploring trip to start your dating. There is no cluttered drop-down lists, it really fit for those who just want to get to the point.

If your bisexual couples, don’t worried about be categories to bisexual singles, This platform does not avoid bisexual couple dating but on some other dating website such OkCUpid classify bisexual couple profile to bisexual single people, in consideration of bisexual couple are invited, there is a couple memberships specific for bi-couples. If you want to find three way dating model, don’t wait, there is the best then ever.

In addition, bi-couple have the access to view first dating thoughts from single ones, some people recommend them, bisexual couples could reply to bi single’s ideas about their first dating. If their opinion reached, they could meet bi single in person. Remember to set up a plan, skillful users would not tell you the plan you set up is near half the battle.

This platform set up its forums and blogs, you are free to post your ideas, articles, and commends on it. Your bisexual life style, your ideas and suggestions will strike a chord from other bisexuals, that brings you the sense of fulfilment. It’s quite a bisexual community there, you could also find those like minded bisexual person. It’s really cool. Also, there is a little bit Tinder that “let’s meet” function would allow you approve or deny those by their photos.

Like other bisexual dating site, it’s a pity to get that much as a free membership. You don’t have much access to send message to anyone, you could just send message to those free memberships and send free “winks”. But gold memberships could send text to anyone at any time. Search function is another limitation for free users, it’s far to get new user’s profiles for free users, but paid-users are easy to search new users precisely. What’s the most interesting thing is that paid-members are on the top of searching results. It’s favorable to get more chances to have thing done.

Compared to many bisexual dating site, BiCupid are have it’s advantages overall, there is the ideal place for bisexual women, bisexual men and bisexual singles, couples , and bi-curious.

Sign up feature:

Facebook or email are easy to sign up. No abundant of filling form or questionnaire survey, except base profiles, add some tags of your taste(you could easily find who you looking for with these tags), no extra information to add. Quick to join this platform and no extra verification.

Who is on this platform:

Bisexual women, bisexual men, bisexual couples, bisexual singles, aged from 24 to 60, most are in range 24 to 40.

Favorable features:

As a new user, if you write your ideas of dating will offer you more active way for browse this platform. Forums offer you more opportunities to communicate with all kind of bisexual people, sharing your though and life style. Bisexual couples are easier to look for bisexual singles.

Secure policy:

This platform are absolutely secure, bicupid company are use the strict measures for their dating network. They keep user’s profiles safely, unlike other dating websites which expose users profiles to another sites. As for efficiency and reliability, It’s necessary to get the geographical location information.