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Celebrate For Bisexual Pride

In nowadays LGBQ movement, most athletes are proud of their bisexuality, and they are calling on human rights activists around the world to protect the right to equality in life. Bisexuals believes that people should have the openness attitude of differences in sexual orientation. We cannot choose our own way of birth, but we have the right to defend for our equal rights in the world, and every life is meaningful. From the LGBTQ political movements, we have seen some progress of every LGBTQ movement. More and more enthusiasts have proved that such actions are effective. We also hope more and more participants and insiders will not discriminate against the bisexual crowd.

Not just political activists, our artists are also speaking for bi group, we should advocate this spirit, Ms. Lady Gaga is using her acting career to explain everything, she advocates bisexuality, she believes that our sexual orientation should be free. Our love should be as will as someone’s emotion that not incur any discrimination. We hope to see that scenario that bisexuals on the street holding a billboard saying "I am bisexuals, Give me a hug, PLZ", even though we are not willing to give a hug, but at least, we expect smile from warm heart. Because everyone is not Hateful, we have to pay the world with kindness. For this world, understanding is important because understanding can break the gap between various thoughts.

The awareness of LGBTQ in the whole society reflects the progress of an era. Over decades, we often saw people being pushed down from buses, or travelers being rejected when they search for shelter in hotels. Such behavior caused serious damage to this group of people invisibly. We need to think about why we can't tolerate the existence of bisexuals? Some people will say, "I can tolerate, but I don't want them to fall in love with same sex, because I feel sick of it." Of course, you can have this feeling, but you have no right to stop others' freedom in dating. You have the same freedom of being love, why do you want to stop others of having one? Imagine if the bisexuals community became more and more anxious in such a intolerant environment, the impact is not good.

This is also a social defect: no tolerance, no knowing how to love and share. But in recent years, we have made changes in the phenomenon, bisexuals have gained "privilege", they can engage in same-sex marriage, and more and more people accept them, which is sacred for bisexual love . Everyone has a mission of love. We are looking for opportunities to meet the best partners. Under such circumstances, we are full of hope, but we do not want to be attacked by others when we are in love.

Bisexuals can make a date, but it can't be a particular way of life in the others’ opinions, because this kind of difference makes me feel a little uncomfortable. Even if I am proud of my bisexual identity. Bisexuality is already an unavoidable topic, and we are increasingly seeing it as a mainstream topic. People always consciously talk about this and whether they should accept the bisexual culture. This issue requires us to unite and let the alliance help us overcome this sex obstacle. The alliance may be a political way and it is also an icon in modern media.

I hope that more and more bisexual people will be free to love and be treated equally as heterosexuals. Every bisexual should be proud of itself.

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